What does ‘meal swaps’ mean?

Meal Swaps is a unique feature on the Sprink app, where one can easily swap a meal with their pre-assigned meal and enjoy a new meal of their choice. One can browse through the menu available for swaps under meal swap.

What is a ‘Meal-add on’?

With Meal addons you can add a new dish on top of your meals (whether you are swapping a meal or going ahead with the company assigned meals). It is an exciting way to explore new delicacies everyday.

What is Order confirmation OTP and why is it given to you?

Once you confirm your order everyday, you are provided with an OTP which you can share with the person delivering or at the food counter at your venue. This is an effective way for us to check your order items and your details and deliver the right meal to you.

What is a cut-off time?

Cut-off time is the pre-defined time post in which an order can not be placed. At present, the cut off time is: Lunch: 06:00:am (Same day), Dinner: 12:00:pm (Same day).

What are delivery timings?

All deliveries are done at a pre-defined time and automatically be delivered in the defined time.

How does payment work?

Your company has a pre-approved allowance assigned for you. However, any amount which exceeds that needs to be settled to place the order each time.

What do I do if my total payment is different from my pre-approved allowance by the company?

The extra amount due to meal add on or meal swap that is greater than the assigned allowance will have to be paid by the person at the time of placing an order.

How to pause and unpause my subscription?

You can pause a subscription by just pausing on the button ‘pause’ under the today’s meals/current meals before the cut-off time to not receive the meal order.